I was first drawn to sculpture in my mid-30s and have been sculpting now for over 20 years. I was first inspired by the sculptures of Hepworth, Chadwick and Frink as well as more generally by the stillness of Ancient Egyptian sculptures.


    After formal training at a variety of institutions  I  began working in plaster which allowed me to explore my core interest – the human form.  I like to play with the lines of the body, its shape, and its surfaces. A major development in my sculpting career was incorporating traditional stone sculpture into my work, which I studied in Carrera. In this medium I pay particular attention to the selection of beautiful and rare stones that I can form into human bodies and faces, taking guidance from nature’s pre-exiting lines and circles already buried within the rock. It’s a combination of the stone itself, and the sculptor, that dictate the final form.


    I have exhibited at galleries in London and Manchester and have had both private and public commissions;  including a major outdoor piece for the RU Hospital in Bath. My work can be found in private collections across the UK, Middle East and United States. I work from my studio in North London and at my studio in Italy. Current works can  be seen in my studio in London, just drop me an email on the contact page.